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Hollywood Magic

You’ve probably flipped open an issue of People magazine and seen a perfect, brilliant smile staring back at you. That smile likely looked different not very long ago. With today’s gorgeous dental materials, veneers can transform facial appearance dramatically in just a couple of visits. Sometimes acting like “instant orthodontics,” a set of veneers can … Continued

Getting Clear About Your Smile

Flashy metal grins fill the pages of most high school yearbooks, a rite of passage for many teenagers. Not long ago, misaligned teeth left you with two options: live with them or wire up. But today you’ll find new stealth ways to straighten out your smile. And that means a confident new look lies within … Continued

What’s A Smile Worth?

Imagine this classic American scene: a well­ kept house with a white picket fence. The fence sits perfectly straight and brilliantly painted, not a board out of place. That fence greets everyone who pulls up, making a first impression that’s not always consciously noted. Yet a crooked fence, an uneven post, or peeling paint all … Continued

Share the Gift of a Bright White Smile

We are thankful for you, our valued customer, all year long, of course. But in this season of gratitude and giving, we want to be sure we share with you our feelings of appreciation. Like any healthy relationship, we want to say it, not just think it. We hope we can continue to make you … Continued

Are We Missing Each Other?

As the days of another year accelerate forward, we’re all aware that time isn’t slowing down. The demands of modern life push and pull on us from every angle. Deadlines at work and headlines at home, with a little personal time squeezed in along the way, write the story of our lives. The never-ending list … Continued

Dental Fear…Where Does It Come From?

Fear. Ingrained in our DNA there’s a protective mechanism that helps us avoid danger. It’s essential to the survival of the human race. Our ancient relatives wouldn’t be part of our family tree if they hadn’t operated with a solid dose of fear. But sometimes fear keeps us from healthy situations…like dental care. Rational or … Continued

Do you have dental insurance benefits?

Most insurance plans expire December 31, 2015 and our schedule is already filling up! While dental “insurance” features different limitations and benefits depending on the plan, they nearly all share one feature: Unused benefits expire at the end of the year. Most plans pay a maximum amount annually, a figure that hasn’t changed much in … Continued
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