Zoom! Whitening

Have your teeth lost their luster? Have too many years of coffee, tea or tobacco, or birthdays turned your pearly whites into dingy yellows? If so, it may be time to quickly bring a sparkle back to your smile with Philips Zoom! Whitening system.

Zoom! is an in-office whitener expertly administered by your dentist. It brightens your teeth up to eight shades lighter with a patented light-activated gel that speeds up the whitening process. In just 45 minutes you can be flashing a brand new dazzling smile.

Not only is it speedy, but it contains a desensitizing ingredients to be pain-free, as well. Relax in the chair, listen to music, or fall asleep while the gel and light team up to dissolve stains without damaging you enamel.

Put your brilliant, bright smile on the fast track with Zoom!